It may sound simple, but you can get it wrong! To keep your glasses & sunglasses in the best shape and not ruin them, read our top tips here:





- Don't use your clothing. Even if they feel soft, most fabrics have tiny fibres that can cause permanent damage to your lenses.


- Don’t use saliva to wet your lenses. It’s unhygienic and won’t clean properly.


- Never use household glass cleaners. These products contain strong ingredients that can break down the coatings on your lenses.


- Don’t use tissues or toilet paper. Some of these can contain wood pulp in paper that will scratch your lenses.






- We recommend cleaning your glasses every morning to keep them looking their best.


- Make sure your hands are clean before cleaning your glasses so they don’t smudge the lenses.


- Rinse your glasses under a tap water (not hot) to remove any buildup of dust. Do not use hot water to clean glasses, as it can damage lens coatings.


- Apply a small drop of hand soap to each lens. Hand Soap is better to use than dishwashing liquid which usually has acid ingredients. Gently rub both sides of the lenses. Make sure you wash the nose pads and the tips of the temples (arms) too, as that's where grease, hair products and makeup usually rubs off.


- Rinse the frame thoroughly. Carefully dry the lenses and the frame with a clean microfibre cloth.




Even better, treat your new frame with the Jimmy care kit.


Made with love, to take care of your glasses.

Our cleaning kit consists of :


- An XXL microfibre chamois.

- A cleaning serum for glasses (refillable in all our stores, for life!)

- A screwdriver, to adjust and tighten your mount yourself.