Let us take care of your eyes.


Whether or not you wear glasses, it is always a good idea to have your eyes checked once a year. Come get your eyes tested by our team of expert optometrists !



Our Eye Tests


Free with purchase. £25 without.

(redeemable on future orders)





Extensive checks for eye disease and tailor made spectacle prescriptions



Only for prescription lenses, not contacts





30 mins





Jimmy Fairly - Hackney


15 Broadway Market

London E8 4PH




Jimmy Fairly - Hampstead


44 Hampstead High Street
Hampstead London NW3 1QG


Disable access


Jimmy Fairly - Chelsea


170 King’s Road
SW3 4UP London


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Jimmy Fairly - Covent Garden


24 Neal street
WC2H 9QW London




What do we check ?



• We only test if your prescription is less than +/-10 dioptre

• We don't do lenses with prism

• We don't do prescription for contacts





Don’t forget before your visit



• If you wear eyeglasses, please bring them with you.
• If you wear contacts, take them out in advance. We can’t test your eyes if you don’t. (Soft lenses: 30 min before. Hard lenses: 12 hours before.)








We can’t wait to take care of you !