Come get your eyes tested by our team of expert optometrists!

If you wear glasses or not, it’s always a good idea to have your eyes checked once a year. Visit our expert opticians in-store to find out if you need glasses or a prescription adjustment. We’re here for you.

Free eye test for customers.

    It’s always a good idea to check your eyes once a year. Visit our expert opticians in store to get your eyes tested!

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    They say going to the opticians isn't sexy. But is it ?

    At Jimmy Fairly, we do things differently. In all the right ways.

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    Accessible high-quality eyewear. From £129, including your eye test.

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    We have conveniently located stores where you live or work all around London city, Brighton, Cambridge, Bristol, leads and Edinburgh.

    Our answers to your questions.

    Often, it's better IRL. If you have any doubts, book an appointment with our experts in store.

    We have conveniently located stores where you live or work all around London city, Brighton, Cambridge, Bristol, leads and Edinburgh.

    • Do I need to book an appointment for an eye test?

      Although we do offer walk-in appointments, we always recommend you book your eye test in advance to avoid disappointment. You can book an appointment in store, or directly online here.

    • How does an eye test with Jimmy Fairly work?

      Our eye tests are super easy. One of our expert optometrists will guide you through the whole process, which includes various tests to ensure your eyes are in great condition and health. Afterwards, they will provide you with an up to date prescription and any further recommendations.

      Each eye test takes 30 minutes. The same amount of time as an episode from your favourite series - because we know how precious your time is!

    • Are eye exams free of charge? How long does it take?

      Our eye tests are free with purchase made on the same day, otherwise they cost £25. The best part is, this cost is redeemable on all future orders too with no expiry date! We’re pretty sure you’ll find the perfect pair one day.

    • How do I prepare for my appointment?

      If you already wear glasses, please bring them with you for us to take a look at on the day. If you wear contacts, please remove them before your appointment t as per the below:

      Soft lenses: 30 mins before

      Hard lenses: 12 hours before

      Please note:

      • We only test if your prescription is less than +/-10 dioptre
      • We don't offer contact lens checks or fittings 
      • We don't test anyone under the age of 18

    • How often should I test my eyes?

      Eye tests should be a yearly thing! Our comprehensive eye examinations look at more than just your vision. Our expert optometrists check your vision as well as eye health, and are able to identify early signs of eye illnesses such as Diabetes, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration.

    • Do I have to buy a pair of glasses after an eye test?

      Whilst we'd love to see you leave with a pair of Jimmys, we understand that’s not always possible. Our doors are always open if you fancy a pair in the future. You’re always welcome to come in and see us.