Let us take care of your eyes.


Whether or not you wear glasses, it is always a good idea to have your eyes checked once a year. Our qualified optometrist is here for you, you only have to book !



Our Eye Tests


Always free





Extensive checks for eye disease and tailor made spectacle prescriptions



Only for prescription lenses, not contacts





30 mins





Neal Street.


24 Neal street
WC2H 9QW London



King's Road.


170 King’s Road
SW3 4UP London




What do we check ?



• We only test if your prescription is less than +/-10 dioptre

• We don't do lenses with prism

• We don't do prescription for contacts





Don’t forget before your visit



• If you wear eyeglasses, please bring them with you.
• If you wear contacts, take them out in advance. We can’t test your eyes if you don’t. (Soft lenses: 30 min before. Hard lenses: 12 hours before.)








We can’t wait to take care of you !