Hello there, 2022.


Our idea from day one has been to put a smile on your face, by offering you quality eyewear at a fair price. While having a positive impact.

But, this year more than ever, we want it all: more dreams, more love, more life, more mutual help, more freedom, more transparency, more travel, more solidarity, more laughs, more smiles, more quality and sharing moments together.

We are working on lots of projects which bring all these feelings together. We will take you on this journey with us, explaining it as sincerely as possible. We are not perfect, but we want to improve every day.

This is what we hope to do in 2022.




More Conscious.

This year, we developed something we really care about: our new collections made in Eco-Acetate.

It's an incredible new process that we've discovered that combines the beauty and qualities of acetate with a plant based and bio-degradable composition.

And we're not stopping there.


Everything is explained in details here >




More Quality.


In order to offer you quality glasses at a fair price, we limit the middleman between you and us as much as possible.

To achieve this, we design our glasses in our Parisian studio, then we manufacture them in Asia or in France in carefully selected workshops.

Then, we assemble and control our eyeglasses in our workshop in France and offer them exclusively in our shops.


Understanding how your Jimmy's are made >




More Love.


Remember the Buy One, Give One? The solidarity program we started 10 years ago? This year, we reached a total of 1 million pair donated thanks to you!

To go further, we are preparing other actions such as a monthly solidarity event and a selection of frames where 10% of the sales will be donated to our partnering charities. Stay tuned.


Discover our actions in details >




More Conscious.

Our conscious

commitments. ♻️



N°1 I  In 2022, our glasses are mainly made of Bio Acetate, a plant-based and biodegradable material. We currently do not have a recycling solution for the metal components. We are working on sourcing a plating method and materials with a cleaner recycling method.


N°2 I 
Our lenses are organic (plastic resin) because it is the most efficient, resistant, accessible and light product.


N°3 I  
We have switched all our shops, workshops and offices to 100% green electricity.


N°4  I 
We have eliminated single-use packaging (boxes) during the sale and invested the savings in a high-quality reusable bag. Protecting your glasses is key, so we provide you with an individual bag. We have therefore replaced plastic bags with biodegradable bags.


N°5 I 
We have an equal number of men and women on our board of directors.


These small actions are a first step and reflect our desire to go further.
We are not perfect but we want to improve.


More Quality.

The design.


For the design, our teams develop all our collections in our Parisian studio with the help of external stylists, to create the most beautiful glasses and the best from a comfort and technical point of view, just for you.





For manufacturing, we select only top-of-the-range materials and components, manufactured by the most recognized brands in their field.

We also work our acetates with Mazuchelli (Italy), Jinyu and Jimei (China). Our hinges are developed by OBE (Germany). The leaders in their sector.

We then carefully choose our manufacturers according to their know-how ensuring one of the best quality on the market. They make your frames by hand in China or in France in the Jura.

This is how we can offer you high-end, hand-made glasses starting at £129.

We have developed our own corrective lenses directly with a subsidiary of one of the world's largest glassmakers. We have developed them with such high standards that all the tests we have carried out (in the laboratory and blind tests), our lenses have always been among the best on the market.

And all for your beautiful eyes.




Assembly in France.


Once these steps are completed, all our Eyeglasses, with prescription lenses, are assembled and then hand-checked in our workshop in France.

This workshop represents a very big investment for us which we are very proud of because it has created more than 30 jobs and ensures us great quality and efficiency. An average of 480 pairs a day come out of this workshop.

We have equipped ourselves with the latest machinery that cut the lenses, the most precise and fast on the market. They are 3x faster than traditional machines. Our very own "Ferrari".


Our lenses are then assembled by our teams who process your prescriptions. This is also where each pair of Eyeglasses benefits from quality control. All this is done by Eyeglasses latest generation control machines and by hand.

(Average time spent = 2 min per glasses!)



The distribution.


Then you can find our glasses exclusively in our shops or on our website. Our opticians are there to help you find the right pair.

The idea: to ensure you the greatest experience at a fair price.


More Love.

Our actions in solidarity.


The way it works is simple: Every time you order a pair from us, we finance the cost of a pair of reading glasses from the international charity Restoring Vision.

The organisation takes care of sending them to other more local charities in the field, which themselves take care of distributing them to the people who need them.

These magnifying glasses are inexpensive and easy to distribute to a very large number of people.

The advantage they offer is enormous, as they are ready to use and require only a very simple eye exam. Thanks to this, they can be distributed in the most difficult places by a large number of charities.

A pair of reading glasses is a real need and can radically change a person's life.
- Better training & education.
- A 20% increase in income.
- A better quality of life.


Today, we have already been able to help more than 1 million people regain their sight, thanks to you. ❤️

And we don't want to stop there.


For 2023, Stay tuned!

Alix and her team are here to answer your questions.