How are eyeglasses made ?


At Jimmy Fairly all our glasses are assembled in our French workshop, just outside the city of Paris. We design, assemble, check and sell our collections ourselves. This short circuit allows us to invest in the quality of our products and ensure the best quality control of every step in our manufacturing process.



Our lenses

We have developed our very own corrective lenses at Jimmy Fairly. Our team has designed our lenses with such high standards that when tested, (blind and laboratory), ours received the highest score ahead of the three largest lensmakers in the world!



Our frames

The first component we create when making your new pair of glasses is the frame. This is the element that holds the lenses together, and also keeps them on your head in a comfortable way. The entire frame is finished, including the temples, before the lenses are added. We choose the highest quality materials and components to create our frames: Mazucchelli (Italy), Jinyu and Jimei (China) for our acetates, and OBE (Germany) for our hinges.



The lens

The lens is the most personalised element of a new paur of eyeglasses and we have four steps that are completed with great care to ensure a perfect fit.


  • Frame probing: We take the measurements of your frame to obtain a digital shape, which will allow us to make the cut.
  • Centering: We then centre the lens according to the customer's customer's gaps and choice of frame, and check the powers of the lenses.
  • Lens edging: The lens is then cut according to the frame and the customer's information.
  • Lens mounting: Finally, we fit the lens into the frame.



The final checks

Each frame is manually checked for quality made in our workshop in Goussainville.


Here we check :

  • The powers of the lenses
  • Centering of the prescription
  • Symmetry
  • Temples and closure


Now that you understand how prescription eyeglasses are made, you can choose a pair that best fits your needs. Browse our website and try on frames from the comfort of your home using our virtual try on feature!